Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Use D-Link Wireless Bridge to Extend your Wired Network Range

If you want to extend the range of your wired network using your Wi-Fi router without suffering a cable mess, you can easily do it. What you need is a wireless bridge and your wireless router. A wireless bridge is designed to extend the range of your wired/wireless network by receiving signals from your wireless router and transmitting them to your wired devices like TV, gaming device etc. Here in this blog, I am going to discuss how you can use your D-Link wireless bridge with your D-Link wireless router to do so. Check the steps below:
D-Link Wireless Bridge to Extend your Wired Network Range
 Things you will need:
  • D-Link wireless router (WPS-enabled preferred)
  • D-Link Duo Wireless Bridge/Access Point
  • Ethernet cable if your router is not WPS-enabled
  • Wireless network details viz. SSID, network/security key etc.
Follow the steps given below to connect your D-Link Wi-Fi bridge to extend your Wi-Fi range:
1. First make sure that you have already set up your wireless network on your D-Link wireless router. Also, make sure that you are connected to your wireless network.
2. Now place your D-Link wireless bridge-cum-access point nearby your D-Link router and other wired devices. If you cannot place the wireless bridge near to your router, at least make sure that it’s within the range of your router’s signals and at least a cable’s length away from the wired devices.
3. Now connect your wireless bridge to your router. If your router is WPS-enabled (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), it will have a WPS button on it. Your D-link wireless bridge also has a WPS button. Press the button on your wireless bridge and on the router also to let each other communicate wirelessly.
4. If your D-Link router is not WPS-enabled, then use this method. Connect your wireless bridge to your computer using the Ethernet cable. When done, open your web browser and type ‘’ or ‘http://dlinkap’ in its address bar. Hit Enter to proceed.
5. It will open your wireless bridge’s web configuration screen. Click the Setup tab and then click the Wireless Network Setup Wizard button. Follow rest of the on-screen prompts and complete the procedure.
6. Click the Finish button to finish the procedure and reboot the wireless bridge. When the bridge has booted up, pull out the Ethernet cable from it and the computer as well. When done, connect all your wired devices (directly) to the bridge using Ethernet cables.
7. You are done! Your D-Link wireless bridge will automatically connect your devices to your primary wireless network setup through D-Link router.

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