Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Need of the Wireless Router

Router has become most popular device across the globe. Router use in networking computer exchange packets of data between two or more computers as well as it works default gateway and regulate network broadcasts to the local area network.

Wireless Routers – What are they Exactly?

with the use of wireless router you can Linking all of your computer and then makes file sharing, backing up files as well as your internet usage become much easier.Wireless routers is you can attach to your modem and make a wireless signal in your office or business then any computer within range can connect to your wireless router and use your broadband Internet for free.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind to change the router ID and password becoz someone might lock you out of your system.

Which Brands to Choose?

Now a days number of company manufacturing different type of wireless routers. Few brand name companies are quite popular across the world. They Provide the best quality of routers few company names are mention below.




4. Cisco

You may face problem while using this wireless routers like netgear router setup and more other problems comes. In that case you can take any online technical support service once you get touch with online technical service provider they will glad to assist you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Linksys Router Setup and Configuration

linksys router is one of commonly used for business and home use. This brand comes by Cisco and as well as number of model of of wireless routers comes like cable routers. DSL routers. It is a very simple easy to setup. You don’t need to take help from any engineer to to perform this easy tasks. LinkSys router setup is common design for almost same for all . Below the picture

Linksys Router Setup: The Basic Configuration

You need to Follow this instructions

First step you need to do router setting place in Linksys router in the middle location and you need to be careful always away from metal-surrounded environment

Connect the Ethernet cable into the Internet port on the behind of the linksys router. This port is generally placed at the Behind of the router.

Now your computer should be connected to the router and then you need connect one more Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port in your computer and attach the opposite end to one of the ports at the behind of the router.

To make effective change you need to restart your computer once you restart it will access a new ip address from the router.

Next Linksys Router Setup : Configure the Router

This address you need to put in your internet browser then press Enter
You will be prompted to log in , you need to tpye in “Admin” in the username box and blank leave the password

Now you need to select internet connection type from the drop-down menu. decide “DHCP” for modems or “PPPoE” for most DSL modems.

it is recommended that you consider setting an SSID to discover the router as your own and configuring WEP to encrypt your traffic.

Set a service (SSID) to discover the router and then you need to change the password.

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