Friday, September 7, 2012

How to Configure Any Netgear Router without Disk

If your Netgear router was shipped without the installation disk (though there are rarest chances of the same) or you lost it due to some reason, all the hope is not lost. You can set up and configure your Netgear router without the installation disk and that too quickly. Check the steps given below and set up your Netgear router:
Step 1: Before you begin, make sure that you have connected your router to your DSL/Cable modem and computer as well. If you need assistance, you can refer to your Netgear router setup documentation. Keep your ISP’s username and password handy to connect to the Internet during the configuration procedure. Also keep your Netgear router’s default username and password handy. These are printed at its bottom.
Step 2: When done, open your web browser and type ‘’ or ‘’ and hit Enter on the keyboard. When prompted, enter your router’s username and password in the respective boxes. Click OK to proceed.
Step 3: If prompted ‘Check for updates’, click Cancel. In the Netgear router setup interface, click Setup Wizard in the left hand side. You will see the Yes button automatically selected to let the Smart Setup Wizard configure your Internet connection and other settings. Click Next.
Step 4: If you want to manually configure your router, click the No, I want to configure the router myself button and click Next. Follow rest of the on-screen prompts and provide all the necessary details. (See Also restore/reset Netgear router to factory defaults)
Step 5: When done and connected to the Internet, check for any firmware upgrade if available. Click the Firmware Upgrade link to do so. When done, you can move to set up a secure wireless network. Click Wireless Settings under Setup in the left hand side.
Step 6: Select your region, check the Enable SSID Broadcast box, type a name for your SSID (its wireless network’s name), select channel, and select an encryption type. Complete the settings and do not forget to make of note of your wireless network details viz. encryption key, SSID etc. (See Also Reset Wireless Router Password)
Step 7: Review your settings if needed. Then click the Apply button to save your settings and configurations. When done, pull out the Ethernet cable from your computer. Connect to your wireless network from the wireless icon in your system tray.

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