Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What is the Default Password for Netgear Devices

Every Netgear device comes with a unique username and password that helps you log on to it and do miscellaneous things such as wireless network setup, firewall configuration, port forwarding, or access point setup etc. The default login details come printed at the back of the Netgear device or on the documentation supplied with it.
You can change the default password for your Netgear device to protect it from unauthorized users or set up a custom password etc. You can also reset your custom password to defaults. If you have forgotten your custom password, you can reset it to defaults by hard resetting your Netgear device. Find here how to hard reset a Netgear device.
Most of times problem arises when you need to log in to your Netgear device to reconfigure the settings but you have lost the Netgear router setup documentation and have also forgotten the custom password. In that case, you will need to first obtain the default login details and then hard reset your Netgear device.
Since you can’t spend all your time looking for the default login details if you are in urgent need, I am detailing them here in this post.
Most of the Netgear routers use
Username – admin
Password – password
For ReadyNAS Products
Username – admin
Password – netgear1
***It is still recommended that you refer to your Netgear router support documentation provided that you have it.

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