Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to set up a netgear router

Set up a netgear wireless router is not complicated process. There are few most important things that you need to be understood before you are going to start set up wireless router and the Windows and also Netgear will give the program to set up your Wi-Fi.

For your netgear router setup you need to decide Netgear router. There lots of routers that offer to you, the prices and the features will different one another depending on the router model that you will going to choose. You can choose any t model that will perfect for your need and also perfect your budgets.

Next step buy the router that has the reasonable price. You need to take your router in order to reduce the distance to the users and provide the best connection.
You need to connect a pc to the router, either with a wireless or a wired connection. Connect to the wireless or wired connection then you have to reboot the computer to ensure it gets a new IP abode from the router from Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Now you need to open web interface by entering "" of your web browser in to the address bar. If a login screen is comes, use username and password.
Plug your cable modem and either you can take DSL modem into the router's WAN port in the back and run the Internet Set up Wizard from the web interface.
Next step you need to follow the all directions and give authentication information.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to Configure Wireless Router

Now a day’s wireless router network technology is become a most popular across the globe. Wireless network is the best way to share your data and you can send easily send the data.Setting of wireless router is very easy but you need to know some basic things about wireless network. You need to install the wireless router and it will be the main hub of all of your devices on the network.

Setting a wireless router you should have broadband internet connection or dsl modem. Usually we see common set up we need to do with desk top computer being plugged in to the modem. You need to take wireless router as well as one more thing you need to add usb wireless adapter to your pc and pc card based network adapter for your computers.

The most important thing you need to do next step turn off the DSL modem after that you can connect to the wireless router to the modem. When you are set up complete your computer will be wirelessly connected to your router. Then you need to configure the wireless router Next step you need to take wireless network name make sure your wireless network name should be unique.last step you need to take a unique password. For some security reasons your is not easy and to too short

The last step is to configure laptop network adapter. If u do window xp on screen instruction you right click the wireless network click the wireless network in your task bar and select "View Available Wireless Networks The window will show connection of wireless network and as well as you will see name you already chose for your wireless network, Refresh network list in the upper-left corner. When you're already connected you can close the Wireless Network Connection window.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How can we secure our Wireless Network from being hacked?

Wireless is not secure, Because the any one access anywhere within the range of its antenna. Sometimes it happens range of the router extend well beyond the walls of your building. Anyone can use an unsecured network to access the internet. And if these people to do anything illegal with your connection, you can be traced. As we pay lot of amount to take help from online Wireless network support.

Below i mentioned some free tips to secure our wireless network from being hacked.

1.We should not place the antenna near to Glass Windows

2.Antenna should be Place in a central location of the building.

3.WEP stands for Wireless Encryption Protocol. It's a technique for encrypting traffic and protecting your wireless network. You can also use 64 bit encryption and 128 bit encryption. 64 bit encryption very easy technique to encrypt your wireless network. In this technique we will use a ten digit alpha this the best way to numeric as a password to authenticate the computer .128 bit encryption most popular technique .we use this technique 26bit(Hexa-decimal key) as a password to authenticate the computer.

4.Disable DHCP, the hackers will have to decode the TCP/IP parameters, subnet mask and the IP address in order to hack .

5.We should also Change the default password because many routers are accessible to any wireless client in the vicinity

How to configure DHCP server in Windows 7

The concept of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is an essential aspect for improved network in regards with security, reliability, manageability and usability.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server offers information regarding IP address, subnet mask and default gateway to the clients. DHCP server for Windows 7 has been superior in many areas like support for SSID caching, optimization for obtaining IP address and others.

Assume, your Windows 7 PC is connected to an intranet having several subnets and the Internet, but having a default gateway for both adapters. In this condition, you can either communicate with all computers on the intranet or Internet, but not with both of them. In order to resolve this problem, you have to configure a default gateway with the adapter attached to the Internet. This is where the role of DHCP server comes into play.

Let’s see how we can configure DHCP server for windows 7 with out any assist of windows 7 tech support
1. Click Start, Control Panel
2. Click Add or Remove Programs
3. Add/Remove Windows Components
4. It will open Windows Components Wizard
5. From the Components list box, select Networking Services, and after that click the Details button
6. The Networking Services dialog box open
7. In the Subcomponents of Networking Services list box, check the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol checkbox
8. Click OK
9. Click Next
10. On the Windows Components Wizard page you will get the prompt of complete process.
11. Click Finish
Hope, you will find this blog extremely useful.

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