Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How can we secure our Wireless Network from being hacked?

Wireless is not secure, Because the any one access anywhere within the range of its antenna. Sometimes it happens range of the router extend well beyond the walls of your building. Anyone can use an unsecured network to access the internet. And if these people to do anything illegal with your connection, you can be traced. As we pay lot of amount to take help from online Wireless network support.

Below i mentioned some free tips to secure our wireless network from being hacked.

1.We should not place the antenna near to Glass Windows

2.Antenna should be Place in a central location of the building.

3.WEP stands for Wireless Encryption Protocol. It's a technique for encrypting traffic and protecting your wireless network. You can also use 64 bit encryption and 128 bit encryption. 64 bit encryption very easy technique to encrypt your wireless network. In this technique we will use a ten digit alpha this the best way to numeric as a password to authenticate the computer .128 bit encryption most popular technique .we use this technique 26bit(Hexa-decimal key) as a password to authenticate the computer.

4.Disable DHCP, the hackers will have to decode the TCP/IP parameters, subnet mask and the IP address in order to hack .

5.We should also Change the default password because many routers are accessible to any wireless client in the vicinity

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