Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to disable the Netgear firewall

How to disable the Netgear firewallA firewall blocks unauthorized access from the internet and protect your system from external threats.Most routers and modem already come with a firewall Netgear routers also usually come equipped with firewalls to provide extra protection for computer applications. But sometimes you cannot open some sites, because they are automatically blocked by the Netgear firewall. For this reasons it is sometimes necessary to stop Netgear firewall. Here are simple steps that you can follow to disable Netgear firewall.
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Step1: Open your Internet browser.

Step2: Type "" into the address bar of your browser. Then Press "Enter" on your keyboard. It will open Netgear router configuration panel.

Step3:  Type your username and password in the appropriate fields for login the panel.

Step4: Select the "Security" option from the navigation menu. And click "Firewall Rules."

Step5: Select the option to "Add" a new rule for inbound traffic.

Step6: Next you will need to input the term “Any” on the section labeled “Inbound Services”. An “Action” drop down box will appear on which you will need to select “Allow always” and then click on “Enabled” to enable it. This will save the new firewall rule settings that you just entered.

These are the simple steps to stop the firewall on the Netgear router. The above mentioned steps and process may differ slightly depending upon the model of router being used.

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