Monday, June 4, 2012

How to Access Wireless Router Settings

How to Access Wireless Router Settings
Wireless router settings allow you to make changes to your network configuration and also provide better network security. You can access your wireless router setting using any internet browser while you are connected to your router network. Changing your router settings is not a very difficult task but you need to know how to access them. Follow the given steps to access your wireless router settings.

Step1: First, connect your computer to the router using the Ethernet cable, although you can connect over Wi-Fi, it is better to connect using the network cable. Plug the cable into the appropriate Ethernet jack on your computer. And plug the other end of the cable into any one of the four Ethernet ports on the back of your wireless router.

Step2: Open your web browser and enter the IP address of the wireless router into the URL address field. Normally, the default IP address for most of the routers is “”. Refer to your wireless router support manual for the correct IP addressed and login details.

Step3:  When login page will appear, enter the username and password that came with your original wireless router setup manual. If you don’t have this information, contact your wireless router manufacturer or visit its website.

Step4: After login, you can see your wireless router settings. You can configure your network ports, as well as the SSID (wireless network name) and passwords.

If you want to reset the Linksys router password, follow this blog-How to Reset a LinkSys Router Password.

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