Monday, April 9, 2012

How to Configure a Netgear DG834GT

dg834gt router
The Netgear DG834GT wireless routers support the both Wireless-G and Wireless-B standards. This router plugs into your existing Internet connection and creates a personal wireless network and shares your Internet connection among multiple wireless hardware devices and even supports plugging other wired computers into the local network, such as desktop computers. Following given steps will help you to configure a netgear DG834GT router.

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Step1: Open your web browser and type "" into your web browser address box and press enter.

Step2:  when login page will appear then type admin as a user name and put your password into password box and press enter. Your default password is ‘password’.

Step3: Complete the "Setup Wizard." Click the "Country" box and click your country in the list, then click "Yes" under "Auto-Detect Connection Type" and click "Next."

Step4: Type the username and password your Internet service provider gave you into the "Username" and "Password" boxes, if the wizard prompts you for them, and click "Apply."

Step5: Type the Internet connection information from your Internet service provider into the "IP Static Address," "IP Subnet Mask," "Gateway IP Address," "Primary DNS" and "Secondary DNS" boxes, if prompted, and click "Apply."

Step6: Configure the Netgear router's wireless network by clicking "Wireless Settings" on the router's configuration page. Type a name for your wireless network in the "Name (SSID)" box and enable the wireless network by clicking "Enable Wireless Access point."

Step7: Secure your wireless network by clicking "WEP" under "Security Options." Type a password for your wireless network into the "Passphrase" box under "WEP Key" and click "Apply."

Step8: Change the router's configuration password by clicking "Maintenance" and "Set Password." Type the current password, "password" by default, type into the "Old Password" box, type a new password into the "New Password" and "Repeat New Password" boxes and click "Apply.

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