Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to Setup Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless Router with Comcast

linksys wrt54g2 with comcast router
Set up your Linksys WRT54G2 router to your Comcast cable Internet service to create a network for your wireless-enabled devices. The WRT54G2 uses the wireless-G protocol that supports transfer rates of up to 54 Mbps. The router is compatible with older wireless standards, so you don't have to upgrade older equipment to establish a connection with the signal. Follow the given steps to setup Linksys wrt54g2 wireless router with Comcast.
If you want to configure linksys WRT54G router then follow my blog-How to configure linksys WRT54G.

Step 1: Connect your computer to one of the Ethernet ports on the router and open a Web browser. Type "" into the address field and press Enter.

Step 2: If the IP address does not work, do the following:
In Windows XP, from Start, choose “Run” and type in: cmd then hit Ok, and black DOS window will open. If using Vista, from Start, just type in: cmd in the box.

From the DOS black window, type in: ipconfig and press Enter key. It will show up a list of stuffs and under the “Ethernet adapter local area network” you will see: “IP address”, “Default Gateway”. Copy down the default gateway and enter this number into the web browser like we did using

Step 3: Once we are connected to the router, it will prompt you with username and password. The default Linksys router username is blank (leave it empty), password is “admin” all lowercase without the code.

Step 4: Inside the router settings, go into the Basic Setup, and choose “Automatic Configuration – DHCP” from the Internet Connection Type. Click Save Settings.

Step 5: Go to Mac Address Clone section, choose “Enable” and save the settings.

Step 6: Open web browser and try to get online, if still not connected, turn off both the cable modem and the router wait about 30 sec, then turn on the cable modem first, and turn on the router next. If it still not working, turn them off for couples minutes and turn back on.
If you want to reset password in linksys router then follow this article-How to Reset Password in Linksys Wireless Router.
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