Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Install a Wireless Netgear Router Model DGND3300

The Netgear DGND3300 wireless router allows you to have a high-speed Wi-Fi connection in your home or business. The router includes a built-in DSL modem, parental controls and shared storage that users can connect to an external USB flash drive to use over the internet. The router also allows for greater bandwidth for high –quality media streaming and better online gaming. Follow a few simple steps to install the Netgear modem router.
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netgeardgnd3300 router

Step1: Connect an ASDL filter to each phone that is using the same line. This filters out high-frequency noise on your phone caused by the modem router. Use a two-line filter with a splitter to share the connection with a phone or fax machine, and connect the phone into one slot and the modem into the other.

Step2: Connect the Ethernet cable from the LAN port on the modem to the computer's Ethernet adapter. Plug the router's power adapter into an electrical outlet.

Step3: Check the status lights on your router. The router's power light is a solid green and the ASDL link light, LAN light and both G and N-band lights are lit when it is connected properly.

Step4: Open your Web browser and type "". Log in using "admin" for the user name and "password" for the password in lowercase letters. And follow the next step.

Step5: Click on "Setup Wizard" in the left pane of the menu. Select your country, and language from a drop-down menu then click "Yes" to have the wizard automatically check your Internet connection. Click "Next" and the Setup Wizard will walk you through the configuration of your router. Click "Apply" when finished.

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