Friday, April 20, 2012

How to Change the Security Settings on a Netgear Wireless Router

security setting on a netgear wireless router
Netgear is a popular manufacturer of wireless routers; the settings on Netgear routers can be changed by logging in to the router with a Web browser. Netgear routers are very useful for home networking devices. If you want to change the security setting on a netgear router then you need to open a port to the internet or to change the WEP or WPA security key necessary to access the router and the network.
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Step1:  connect your computer with a local area connection to the router and open web browser window and enter the router’s local IP address. This IP address will be documented in the Netgear Router User Guide and on the installation CD. This will open a login page.

Step2: Enter the administrator's user ID and password in login fields.

Step3:  when you are logged in to the administration interface then from the Basic Settings page the IP address may be set as dynamic or static. Also, the MAC address and the Domain Servers are specified on this page.

Step4: To set wireless security for the router -- for example, to change the WEP key -- select "Wireless Settings" from the left navigation menu. On the Wireless Settings page, WEP may be enabled, disabled or specified with a preset key.

Step5: Next, create a Security Encryption Key. To do this, enter a word in the "Passphrase" field and click "Generate." The application will automatically generate four encryption keys.

Step6: Choose one of the generated keys for your encrypted passcode by clicking the radio button next to the option. Click "Apply" to save. The wireless security settings have now been specified.

Step7: To connect a computer to the network, enter the encryption key selected during this configuration.

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