Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Enable the WEP Wireless Security

How to Enable the WEP Wireless Security
Wireless security should be used on every home network. It is also important for keeping hackers and other people who want to steal your information away from your wireless network. To make your wireless network secure, wireless routers use two types of encryption techniques viz. WEP and WPA. Using a WEP key, you can enhance the security of your wireless network. Follow the given steps to enable the WEP wireless security.

Step1: Open your web browser and type into the address box and press the Enter key. Though most of the wireless routers use this IP address, however it may differ brand to brand. You should refer to your wireless router setup manual for more information about the IP address.

Step2: When login page opens up, type the username and password for your wireless router. Depending on your router brand, you may have “admin" and “password” as the respective default username and password. But again, you must refer to your wireless router support manual.

Step3: Once logged in, click “Wireless Security" and Select "WEP" as the security encryption type.   

Step4:  Set the default transmit key to "1."

Step5: Type in a passphrase and click "Generate". This generates random passkeys.

Step6: Note down your network's SSID (listed on the security page) and the first WEP key. This is the information that you will need when trying to allow new connection through the wireless network.

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