Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Reset Password on a D-link Wi-Fi Router

D-Link wireless router can connect multiple desktops or laptops to a single Internet connection. Besides, the router lets you customize your router settings to add or remove a computer from your network or enhance the signal strength of your wireless network. This all can be done by logging in to your D-link wireless router. If you forget or lose the router password, you need to reset the router to default factory settings. After reset, you can change the router password. To reset D-link router password, follow the given steps.

Step1: Press the Reset button for 10 seconds, then you can access the default username and password in your router.

Step2: Open a web browser and type "" into the address bar.

How to Reset Password on a D-link Wi-Fi Router
Step3: When login page will open, type “admin" as the user name and leave the password field blank. This is the default information for D-Link routers. When you hold the Reset button down, it resets the administrator password to blank.

Step4: Once you access the Web configuration screen, click “Setup” in the top menu. And select the “Wireless Settings” link on the left-hand side.

Step5: After that click on the “Manual Wireless Connection Setup” button.

Step6: Scroll down to the field representing my “Pre-Shared Key”. If you don’t see it, select a security mode from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen first.

Step7: Type a new password.

*** Wireless setting options may vary depending on different wireless router models.

Note: If you are facing any problem on router then you can reach online technical support service desk of V tech-squad at their Toll Free No +1-877-452-9201.

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