Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to set up a netgear router

Set up a netgear wireless router is not complicated process. There are few most important things that you need to be understood before you are going to start set up wireless router and the Windows and also Netgear will give the program to set up your Wi-Fi.

For your netgear router setup you need to decide Netgear router. There lots of routers that offer to you, the prices and the features will different one another depending on the router model that you will going to choose. You can choose any t model that will perfect for your need and also perfect your budgets.

Next step buy the router that has the reasonable price. You need to take your router in order to reduce the distance to the users and provide the best connection.
You need to connect a pc to the router, either with a wireless or a wired connection. Connect to the wireless or wired connection then you have to reboot the computer to ensure it gets a new IP abode from the router from Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Now you need to open web interface by entering "" of your web browser in to the address bar. If a login screen is comes, use username and password.
Plug your cable modem and either you can take DSL modem into the router's WAN port in the back and run the Internet Set up Wizard from the web interface.
Next step you need to follow the all directions and give authentication information.

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