Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Reset Netgear Router’s Password on a Mac Computer

Need help resetting password of your Netgear device on your Mac computer? You may want to reset your password for security reasons or because it has been misplaced or forgotten. Well, whatever the reason is, the problem is there. Don’t worry! Check the below mentioned tips and reset your Netgear device’s password. (See Also Reset Wireless Network's Password)
Resetting password when you have access to your existing password:
1: Connect you Mac computer to your Netgear wireless router using the Ethernet cable. Plug its one end into the computer and run the other end into the back of the router into any of the 4 ports. Disconnect the modem if it is connected in between.
2: When done, open Safari or whichever web browser you use. Type ‘’ in the address bar and hit Enter. When prompted, enter your username and password and click OK. The default username and password for a Netgear router is ‘admin’ and ‘1234’ respectively (may vary as per router’s model) unless you have changed. If you set up a custom password, enter that. (See Also Default Password for Netgear Devices)
3: When logged in, click Set Password under Maintenance in the left hand side. Type the existing password, new one in the respective boxes. Retype to confirm the password. If needed, review your passwords to ensure that there is no typing mistake.
4: Click the Apply button to save changes. Your password is now changed successfully. You must make a note of the password for future use. You will enter this password next time you will log in to the router. Exit the setup screen. Disconnect the Ethernet cable, reconnect your modem, and connect to your wireless network again.
Resetting password when you have lost or forgotten the existing password:
1: Unfortunately, it is impossible to recover a forgotten or lost password from the router. In this case, you must hard reset your Netgear router to restore it to the factory defaults. Disconnect the devices connected to the router.
2: Take a sharp, thin paperclip or pen and push it in the Reset button hole located at the back of the device. Press the button, hold it for around 10 seconds, and then release it. Wait until the router completes rebooting. (See Also how to reset Netgear router to facotry settings)
3: When done, reconnect the devices like computer and modem and power cycle them. Wait until the devices have fully rebooted. Now open Safari and type ‘’. Hit Enter. When prompted, enter default username and password that came with the router docs. When logged in, reset the password as desired (see above for password reset procedure)
***You must check your router manual before entering anything as username and/or password. (See Also Default Password for Netgear Devices) If you still can’t get past the login problem, contact Netgear router support.

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