Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Set up Guest Network Access in Linksys EA4500 Router

If you own an EA4500 Dual-Band N900 router with Gigabit and USB, you might already have a fair idea about its features and utilities. The brand new Linksys router besides being stylish offers excellent wireless coverage, throughput, and powerful & strong signals etc. Among other things that the router offers is the set up of a guest account for network access. Yes, you can set up a guest access to let a guest of yours to connect to the guest wireless network without interfering with your main wireless network and configurations. Check the steps given below: (See Also Linksys router support)
1. Connect your computer directly to your Linksys router using the Ethernet cable. When done, open your web browser and type ‘’ (default IP address) in its address bar. Hit Enter to continue.
2. On the login screen, enter your router’s username and password and click OK. If you never set up a custom password, enter the default one. The default password is ‘admin’; however you must check your Linksys router setup documentation for the same.
3. If you have lost your custom password, you will need to hard reset your Linksys router. When logged in, you will see the Cisco Setup screen. Click the Wireless tab> Guest Access. Click the Yes radio button beside Allow Guest Access.
4. Note down the guest network name (SSID) using which the guest will connect to your main wireless network. If you want to change the guest password, click the Change button beside Guest Password. Enter the desired password and click Change.
5. Do not forget to note the guest account SSID and password on a piece of paper to avoid the risk of loss. Make sure the SSID Broadcast option is set as Enabled. Click the Save Settings button to save your changes. See also how to access Linksys router login.
6. You can set up 10-50 guest accounts on your Linksys EA4500 router. Exit the router’s interface if you are done. Give out the details of the guest access to the guest user. The method of connecting to the wireless guest network (SSID) remains the same as you connect to your main  wireless network.

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