Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Upgrade Netgear Router Firmware

A firmware upgrade is the hardware upgrade for your Netgear wireless router intended to fix hardware issues, bugs etc. and enhance its performance, reliability, and lifecycle. Netgear rolls out firmware upgrades for each of its products time to time. So, if your Netgear router needs a firmware upgrade, check the steps given below and do so: (Also find here Netgear router support)
1. Before you begin, back up your wireless network configurations or settings before doing the firmware upgrade. Otherwise, all the settings will be lost and you will have to set up your wireless connection or access point from the scratch.
2. Close all the windows and open your web browser. Visit the official Netgear (worldwide) website and look through when the page loads up. Look for the Find your Product search box in the middle of the page and select your Netgear router model from the drop-down arrow.
3. If you don’t know the model number of Netgear router, refer to Netgear router setup documentation that was originally shipped with it. You can find the model number on your Netgear router itself. Turn it upside down and locate the model number. When done, repeat the first step.
4. Once you select your model number, you will be steered to another page showing the available downloads for it and general info etc. Under Downloads, click the available Firmware link and then click the Download Now button. (Find here Netgear wireless router problems and fixes)
5. If you see region-specific firmware downloads, select the one which applies to you and then proceed. Save the file to your PC and exit the browser window. Connect your Netgear wireless router directly to your computer with the Ethernet cable. (Troubleshoot Netgear wireless router)
6. When done, open your web browser and type ‘’ in its address bar. Hit Enter to proceed. If prompted, enter login details and continue. On the Netgear Setup Wizard screen, click Router Upgrade under the Maintenance section (in the left hand panel).
7. When prompted, click the Browse button and locate the firmware file that you just downloaded from the Netgear website. Select the file and click the Upload button. If you see any warning, click OK or Yes to proceed. Wait while the firmware is being upgraded.
8. When done, click OK or whatever you see on the screen to proceed. Your Netgear router will reboot during this procedure. When done, log in to your Netgear wireless router or connect to your wireless network. Find here how to update Netgear device drivers.

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