Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to Fix Internet Connectivity Issues in a Netgear Wireless Router

If you are unable to access the Internet wirelessly or the webpages don’t load up on your Netgear wireless router, you may not feel good. Your Netgear device may not connect wirelessly to the Internet because of several reasons. Check these steps mentioned below and troubleshoot Internet connectivity or browsing issues in your Netgear wireless router:
1. Check the ADSL or cable modem status light. If it is solid green, it indicates that your ADSL/cable modem has a good connection. If the light is off, check modem’s physical connection. You can refer to your modem user manual or wireless router support docs for the same.
2. Verify that the Internet light on your Netgear wireless router is solid or blinking green. It indicates a good connection and correct wiring. If the light is off, check the Ethernet wire’s connection between your modem and router. Refer to your Netgear router support docs for any assistance on the same.
3. When done, log in to the web interface of your Netgear device and check if it can obtain the IP address from your ISP or not. Open your web browser, enter ‘’ in the address bar, and hit Enter. Enter the login details on the login screen and proceed. Click Router Status under Maintenance and check if you see your IP address.
4. If you see, the router is not obtaining the IP address. It can happen due to various reasons. Contact your ISP and ask for the details including username, password for PPPoE etc. and try to connect to the Internet again afterwards. If you are unable to browse the Internet, check a few more things. Configure DNS server settings in your Netgear device.
5. You may also need to configure the default gateway settings also. To configure your Netgear device as the default gateway, reboot your PC. When done, open Command Prompt, type ‘ipconfig/all’ and hit Enter. Check Default Gateway, it should be, your Netgear device’s IP address.
6. If you are still unable to browse the Internet, ping your router’s connection to the PC. Open Command Prompt, type ‘ping’, hit Enter. If your PC is receiving connection from your Netgear device, you will see a message like Reply from bytes etc. If there is no connection, you may see the Request timed out message.
7. The Request timed out error can occur due to two things: (1). incorrect physical connection between your Netgear device and the PC or (2) incorrect wireless network setup & configuration. Recheck and correct the Ethernet connection between your PC and the Netgear device. Also reinstall the TCP/IP stack and update Netgear device driver software.
8. When done, check back if you can browse the Internet or not. If the problem persists, hard reset your Netgear wireless router and you will be done. Save your existing wireless network setup configurations and then perform a hard reset. That’s all you need to do.

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