Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to Disable Netgear Configuration Assistant in Netgear Wi-Fi Router

It may happen that every time when you launch your web browser to browse the Internet, check emails, or do miscellaneous online activities, you may only see Netgear SMART WIZARD Configuration Assistant greeting you on the screen. This problem can occur due to enabled Configuration Assistant utility in your Netgear device or conflict between your web browser and the LAN proxy server. Check the steps below and fix this Netgear router problem:
1. Launch your web browser and it should immediately launch the NETGEAR SMART WIZARD Configuration Assistant screen. Otherwise, you can type ‘www.routerlogin.com’ in the address bar, hit Enter.
2. If the pop-up blocker is enabled, disable it. Besides, delete browsing history, cookies and temp files etc., and reset your browser to default settings. Do not forget to back up your toolbars or add-ins that you have on your browser.
3. When done, close the browser. Make a wired connection of your computer to your router using the Ethernet cable (if it’s a wireless one). Now open your browser again and type ‘www.routerlogin.com/CA_HiddenPage.htm’ in its address bar. Hit Enter to continue.
4. You will see the Configuration Assistant State page. Select the radio button beside Disable Configuration Assistant and click Apply. When done, exit this page and close your browser. Remove the Ethernet cord to make your computer wireless again (if applicable). Now launch your browser again to use it properly.
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