Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Connect your Gaming Console Wirelessly to your Belkin Router

You love playing high-end online/offline games, streaming content from your computer to your PlayStation or Nintendo Wii, sharing files etc., we also do. Believe me, it’s an amazing experience to play games or share files wirelessly from any part of your home or office. You can also do that by connecting your gaming console to your Belkin wireless router for the same. Check the steps below:
Make sure that you have set up your wireless connection on your Belkin wireless router prior to wirelessly connecting your gaming console. If you don’t know how to set up your Belkin router for wireless connection, click here:
Once you are done setting up wireless connection, set up your gaming device if it’s not already set up. You can refer to the user manual of your gaming console if you need assistance in making the connection of it to your DSL modem and computer etc.
Then plug the gaming device to its respective power outlet. While you make connections, make sure that all the devices are unplugged from their respective power outlets. When done, turn on your gaming console and other devices also. Let them boot up properly.
When all the devices including the gaming device have booted up, turn on the computer or the gaming monitor to which to have hooked up your gaming device. Go to the program menu and select the desired options. We are taking the example of Sony PlayStation®3 here.
Turn on the monitor display and on the XMB® home menu, select Settings> Network Settings. Press the (X) button on the mouse> click the Wrench icon beside Internet Connection and then click Enabled on the screen.
Click Internet Connection Settings and then press the (X) button on the mouse. If prompted, click the Yes button to confirm the action. Select Custom on the screen and press the (X)button. On the Select a connection method screen, select Wireless and press the (X) button.
On the WLAN Settings screen, click Scan to let the console start looking for the available wireless networks. It may take some time. When done, select your wireless network (SSID) and hit the (X) button.
Select the encryption type and then press the (X) button on the mouse. If your wireless network is password-protected, it will ask you for the security key. Enter the security key and click Done or whatever option you see on the screen to proceed.
On the IP Address Setting screen, select an option from Automatic, Manual, or PPPoE and proceed. When done, press the (X) button to save your settings. When done, click the Test Connection button to test your wireless connection on your gaming device.
If you see ‘Succeeded’, exit the window. That’s it and you are now connected to your wireless network on your gaming console also. If you face problems, go back and verify all the settings. If you continue to face problems while making your gaming console wireless with your Belkin router, you can contact the Belkin support.

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