Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to Obtain a Lost Network Key for a Belkin Wi-Fi Router

Do you want to regain access to a lost wireless network key for your Belkin router? A network key is the combination of numbers and letters that is used to connect to your wireless network. The hex key protects your Wi-Fi network from intrusion and unauthorized access. If you have lost your network key, check the steps below to obtain it again from your Belkin Wi-Fi:
How to Obtain a Lost Network Key for a Belkin Wi-Fi RouterOpen your web browser. Type ‘’ in its address bar and hit Enter. When prompted, type the password and click Submit.
If you never created any custom password, leave the field blank and click Submit. It is because most of the Belkin devices are shipped without a default password. You can also refer to your router docs to check the login details.
When logged in, click Security under Wireless in the left hand panel. Remove checkmark from the box next to Obscure PSK. You can now see your key in the Pre-shared Key (PSK) box.
Note down the key and then recheck the Obscure PSK box. It will make your network key blur again to protect your privacy. Click the Apply Changes button and exit the router interface.
If you never changed your key, you might also find it in two other places viz. the wireless security card, which came with your Belkin router and the other one is the router itself. The security key comes printed on the product label’s top extreme right hand corner.
If you lost the login password of your router and are unable to login to view the key, then only a hard reset can help you reset the password and the network key. Find here how to reset your Belkin router to factory settings.
When logged in, navigate to Wireless> Security and make the desired changes. You can also generate a new key by typing a passphrase in the Passphrase box and then clicking the Generate button. You must note down this key as recommended above. Keep the paper piece in a safe and dry place where it is away from unauthorized reach.

***If you are unable to access your Belkin router's interface, make a wired connection between your computer and the Belkin router using the Ethernet cable. You can also find here how to secure a Belkin W-Fi router.

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