Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to Troubleshoot Netgear Wireless Modem Hooked to PC

If you are experiencing problems with your Netgear wireless modem-cum-router hooked to your PC, you can troubleshoot and fix it. Depending on various things including your Netgear router setup, you may face such problems that call upon a need for troubleshooting and repair. Find here support for Netgear router problems. Check the steps below and troubleshoot your Netgear wireless device:
1. Reboot your PC, Netgear wireless modem-cum router, and/or router (if you have a third-party one) by turning them off and on. A simple reboot is observed to be the easiest and most effective method for making things work. Once the devices have booted up, recheck if you can connect to the wireless network and browse the Internet.
2. Alternatively, you can power cycle the devices by unplugging their power cords for 10-20 seconds. Plug the power cords firmly back in afterwards and wait for them to turn on. This should resolve any common issues that might have occurred due to sudden power outage that distorts the memory.
3. If the issue persists, update your Netgear device drivers. Open your web browser and visit the official Netgear website. Browse to the Product section, locate the model or version of your Netgear device, and download all the available updates. This will improve the functionality and performance of your Netgear modem.
4. If the problem lasts, click the Start button> Run. Type ‘cmd’ in the Open field> click OK. On the Command Prompt window, type ‘ping’ and hit Enter. Test ‘ping’ also to check if computer is making connection to the router.
5. Look carefully through the prompts that appear afterwards. If you see a prompt like Request timed out, it indicates that the modem has not been set up correctly. Enter the correct username and password to connect to the Internet. If you are not sure about this information, contact your ISP.
***Find here support for Netgear router problems.
6. The error message may also occur due to enabled proxies in your Internet Explorer browser. To disable the proxies, open the browser and navigate to ToolsInternet Options. Highlight the Connections tab> click the LAN Settings button. Remove check mark from the Use a proxy server for your LAN box. Click OK to exit LAN Settings. Click Apply and then OK to exit Internet Options. Clear the browsing history including cookies etc. and then reconnect to the Internet. It should work fine now.
7. If nothing so far has worked out, then hard reset your Netgear router-com-modem. To do so, take a thinner, sharper object and push it inside the Reset hole, located at the back of the router. Hold the button for 10-20 seconds or until you see the blinking power LED light and then release it. This will restore the router’s settings to factory defaults. You can use the default username and password that originally came with the router to login and reconfigure it.

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