Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Resolve Common Netgear Wi-Fi Router Problems

Are you unable to connect to your wireless network or does your wireless connection drops frequently? Or are you unable to log in to your Netgear wireless router? Collectively these can be termed as common Netgear wireless router problems that when occur or recur prevent you from using your wireless connection properly. Have a look at the below mentioned cures and fix your Netgear Wi-Fi router problems
How to Resolve Common Netgear Wi-Fi Router Problems
1. Reboot all the devices viz. router, computer, and the DSL modem. The power cycling will reset the wireless network and the settings and fix a temporary anomaly.
2. If your wireless connection drops repeatedly, disable your firewall temporarily and then reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. If you can connect to the Wi-Fi network and browse, reconfigure the firewall settings as mentioned below.
3. Add the IP addresses of your router and PC to the trusted source directory of your firewall. It will prevent the firewall program from recognizing your router’s IP address as an unsafe zone. If you have a built-in firewall in your antivirus program, you can either disable it or configure it for uninterrupted connection.
4. Update drivers of your Wi-Fi network adapter. Download and install the latest drivers either from the Netgear website or your computer manufacturer’s website. Thereafter, click Start> right-click My Computer, and choose Properties.
5. Highlight the Hardware tab and click Device Manager. Look for the Netgear wireless adapter, right-click it and select Update Driver. Browse for the driver file, select it, and then update the drivers. When done, close all the windows and reconnect to your wireless connection. 
6. For instable connection, change the channel number for your wireless network. Open your Internet browser, type ‘’ in the address bar and hit Enter. Enter the login details on the login screen and hit Enter. Click Wireless Settings under Setup and select a number from the Channel drop-down menu. The most widely used channel numbers in the U.S. are 11, 6, and 1. However, you should individually check other numbers as well. When done, hit the Apply button and exit the router’s interface.
7. Since most of the wireless devices including routers transmit at 2.4GHz frequency, they may clash with each other, causing problems in your wireless connection. So, if you have a cordless phone or wireless alarm located near your Netgear wireless router, you are likely to face connection drop problem.
Cordless phones or other such devices operate at the same frequency at which your Netgear device does. So, you must reposition your Netgear device to maintain a sufficient distance to keep it away from such devices and the resulting interferences. If the problem persists, turn on the wireless encryption and the problem should be gone away. It is because when the encryption is enabled, other wireless devices will not be able to interfere.
***ZoneAlarm often interrupts with a wireless connection. So, if you have ZoneAlarm or other such firewall program on your PC, you must configure its settings to avoid frequent disconnections in your wireless network.

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