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How to Reset a Netgear Wgt624

How to Reset a Netgear Wgt624
The Netgear Wgt624 is a wireless router that features Extremely G Technological innovation for improving wireless speed. The router also offers a 4-port change significance you can connect up to 4 wired Ethernet gadgets to the router. In addition, this wireless router is suitable with both 802.11g and 802.11b wireless requirements. At times, you may want to recover or reset the Netgear Wgt624 to its manufacturer standard configurations. Given two methods will help you to reset a Netgear wgt624 router(see:How to Reset Netgear Router).

Reset using Reset Button:

Step1: Plug the Netgear Wgt624 into power outlet. If the device is already operated on, you can skip this step.

Step2: Press the reset button on the back of the router to the left of the router's aerial and to the right of the yellow-colored inbound Ethernet slot. Hold the option for 5 a few moments until the "Test" LED light turns on.

Step3: Release the reset button. The router will automatically reset and start to reboot(see:How to Reboot a Netgear DG834G Router). When it will restart, the router restores the default factory settings.

Reset from router control Panel:

Step1: Connect your computer to the router using Ethernet cable.

Step2: Open a web browser and type "" into the address bar and press Enter. It will open the login page.

How to Reset a Netgear Wgt624
Step3: When login page will open, login using username and password. By default, many routers will use “admin” for both the username and password. But again, you must refer to your wireless router support manual.

Step4: Select the "Backup Settings" tab and click on "Erase" button. Confirm that you want to restore and rest your Netgear Wgt624. Wait while the router resets and restarts. Once restarted, the router is restored to its default factory configuration settings.

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