Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to Connect Multiple PCs to a Wireless Router

Networking, wireless connection, access point etc. are what many people use these days at their homes or offices for sharing a single broadband or hi-speed Internet connection, browsing wirelessly, sharing files/music etc., or streaming high-end video content over wired or wireless network etc. Wireless routers have made it possible for us to connect multiple PCs at a time and set up a wireless connection or network for portability, networking, or wireless browsing or sharing etc. In this post, I am discussing some basic steps that will help you connect multiple PCs to a single wireless router. Check below:

1. Before beginning, make sure that your computer(s) has a wireless adapter or card installed on it. If it doesn’t have the card or adapter, then install one. Use USB network adapter if you want to have stronger wireless signal. After the installation has completed, reboot the computer(s) in order to have the card detected. You can also use multiple wireless access points to interconnect router and other devices.

2. Connect your router to the power outlet using the power cable and turn it on. Before using the wireless connection, you will have to make a wired connection and setup the wireless connection (this is applicable only when you are connecting to wireless connection for the first time). To do so, plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the computer and run its other end into back of the router. You can choose any of the 4 LAN ports. You can have all the devices powered off while this connection is being made. 

3. When done, turn on all the devices viz. computer, router. Check your router documents for the IP address to login into the router’s interface and setup and configure the wireless connection as desired. Use a WAP or WEP key for authentication and security of your Wi-Fi. Make a note of the security key as it will be required to connect wirelessly. You must also note down the name of your network and other information for use in other steps. 

4. When done, remove the Ethernet cord from the computer and use it as a Wi-Fi. You will have to click on the Wi-Fi icon in your system. It will show the list of all the Wi-Fi networks that it has detected. Click to choose your wireless connection and enter the key (security) when prompted. Similarly, locate the wireless icon on other computers and select your network to connect.  You can connect as many computers as you want in the same manner.

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