Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Set Up a Belkin N F5D8236-4 Wireless Router

belkinF5D8236-4 router
Belkin's N F5D8236-4 Wireless Router is perfect for setting up a wireless network that has the range to easily cover any-size of home or office. The N Wireless Router has the fastest speeds for handling applications that take up large amounts of your bandwidth. The router can easily work with 802.11b-, 802.11g- and 802.11n-enabled devices. The F5D8236-4 wireless router have many features like- Multiple In Multiple Out technology, two detachable antennae, web-based advanced configuration tools SPI firewall and an integrated 10/100 four-port switch. Belkin's N F5D8236-4 is compatible with both Windows and OS X operating systems.
 If you don't want any stranger within the range of your wireless router to be able to access your network you will first need to enable the router's security settings. If you want to change security setting on belkin wireless router then follow this blog How to Change Security Settings on a Belkin Wireless Router which i have discussed in same blog.

Step1: Disconnect the power cord from your high-speed modem. Find the Ethernet port on the back of your modem. If an Ethernet cable is already plugged in, trace the cable to the second device and unplug the cable from it; otherwise, plug one end of an Ethernet cable to the open Ethernet port on your modem.

Step2: After completing the first step then plug the unused end of the Ethernet cable to the port on the back of the router labeled "modem." Plug a second Ethernet cable into one of the open ports located above the "modem" port and connect this cable to the Ethernet port on your computer.

Step3: Then reconnect the power cord to your modem and wait for the lights on the front panel to turn green before proceeding. Plug one end of the router's power cord into the corresponding port on the back of the device and plug the remaining end into any available electrical outlet.

Step4: After plug in the cord, turn on your computer and log into your operating system as normal. Insert the installation CD into the computer and the installation application should load automatically.

Step5: In the installation time, follow the onscreen instruction .If you have made the initial configurations, click on the option labeled "Security Assistant" on the left side of the installer window. Select the security type for your wireless network and click on the button labeled "Next."

Step6: select a network key and enter it into the appropriate field, then press "Next" and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step7: After completing the all above steps, open your computer wireless network settings and enter the wireless network name, security type and network key into the appropriate fields. Save your changes. Belkin's N F5D8236-4 router setup is now complete.

Belkin routers are an excellent choice for wireless connections due to great signal strength and security. The built-in firewall enables you to allow or refuse accessibility to specific programs, functions, and ports among others. If you want to configure your firewall connection, then follow this article How to Configure Firewall on a Belkin Router ,which will help you to configure firewall connection on Belkin routers.

The above instructions are followed step by step. However, if you find difficulties to perform the task, consult an expert for solve the problem and reach online technical support service desk of V tech-squad at their Toll Free No +1-877-452-9201.

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