Monday, March 5, 2012

How to configure linksys WRT54G

The Linksys WRT54G broadband router is one of the most popular consumer routers supporting the wireless-G networking standard and secure WPA2 encryption and designed for use in a home office or small-business network. Linksys makes configuring your router easy. The WRT54G give a high-speed Internet connection, via Ethernet, with up to four computers. Setting up the router consists of four basic steps, like testing your Internet connection, connecting your hardware, setting up the connection and power cycling the entire network. Configure the Linksys WRT54G router by accessing its configuration Web page in your Web browser.
If you want to set up your Linksys routers then follow this blog How to Set up a Linksys Wireless Router which i have discussed in same blog.

Step1: With all connection made, you will now need to login to the router via your web browser. Type and hit enter. You should see the login screen. Leave the username blank and type admin as the password and hit enter.

Step2: Configure your Internet connection settings on the Internet Setup page that appears. For most users, the default configuration is appropriate. If you have a static IP address, click the Internet Connection and type the information your Internet service provider, provides you into the Internet IP Address. Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS boxes, and click Save Settings.

Step3: Change the time on your router by clicking the Time Zone box on the default Internet Setup page,click on your time zone in the list and Save Settings.

Step4: Configure your WRT54G wireless network settings by clicking the Wireless tab at the top of the Linksys configuration page and clicking Wireless Network Set a mode for your wireless network by clicking the Wireless Network Mode box and clicking an option in the list; click Mixed for best interoperability with a variety of devices. Type a name for your wireless network into the Wireless Network Name (SSID box and click Save Settings).

Step5: Set wireless network security settings by clicking the Wireless Security tab under Wireless Set the router encryption to the most secure setting by clicking the Security Mode box and clicking WPA2 Personal in the list. Type a password for your network into the Shared Key box and click Save Settings. The password must be used on every device accessing your wireless network.

 Step6: Change the router password by clicking the Administration tab at the top of the WRT54G configuration Web page, typing a new password into each Password box to the right of Local Router Access on the page and clicking Save Settings.
After configure your linksys WRT54G then you can set your router admin  password.To more about router admin password or how to set password then follow this article. How to Reset Admin Password in a Linksys Router.

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