Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Secure a Belkin Wireless Router

Wireless routers allow you to access the Internet and other networks from any connected computer your home or office. If you have not secured your Belkin wireless router, Malicious users can easily capture information transmitted over an open wireless network. They can easily access your computer and all your important files by gaining entrance through your wireless network. According to Belkin, it is important to set a passcode for your wireless router to prevent unauthorized users from capturing information transferred over the unsecured wireless network. Secure your router before any damage is done.

Steps to Secure Belkin Wireless Router

· Type "" into your browser's address bar, then press "Enter."

· Click "Login" at the top of the page. Enter your login information to log in to the Belkin router. By default, the "Password" field is blank.

· Click the "Submit" button.

· Open the "Wireless" menu of the page that loads.

· Click the "Security" option.

· In the "Security Mode" field, select a security mode for the Belkin router.

· Choose a passcode and enter it into the "Password" field.

· Click the "Apply" button to save the new setting

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