Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Configure a VPN on NetGear Router

Virtual private networks (VPN) are secure networks corporations often use to protect their information. Basically there are few outside connections to the Internet in a VPN. This prevents people outside the network from accessing the information on the network.Outside users do need access to this VPN, and they can get it through a special VPN technique. This technique allows user’s remote access to the VPN while maintaining a high level of security through extensive VPN credentials.
If you want resolve connection issues in Netgear wireless router then follow the article like Steps to Diagnose Connection Problems in Netgear Wireless Router

Step1: Find your Netgear router by accessing "My Network Places" from the Control Panel or Start Menu.

Step2: Right- clicks your Netgear router and selects "Properties."

Step3: Go to the "Setup" tab and open "VPN Settings."

Step4: Enter your network credentials. "Remote IPSec Identifier" is the name of the VPN you are entering. Enter your IP address in the "LAN starting IP" box and the VPN network address in "Host." Enter your login and password as well as the shared key for your network.

Step5: You can check the boxes for "Single remote address," "Aggressive mode," "Secrecy enabled" and "3DES for encryption mode."

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